Geosynthetics Division

Quality Assurance

TDP is a quality assured organization our QA/QC program undertake in site installation process including small and big project to quality management system. Element of QA/QC program the high quality equipment with expert master seaming are involved in installation service and whole part shall be tested with timely calibrated testing equipment aspects of deployment, seaming testing are documented and submitted to client

Destructive Test

  • Peel / shear field tensile testing with tens meter to before commence the welding quality of men / machine.
  • Random destructive test after completion of welding.

Non Destructive Test

  • Pinholes for whole surface area with holiday detector.
  • Air pressure test with monometer for wedge welded seam.
  • Vaccum test for wedge and extrusion welded seams.
  • Spark test for extrusion welding seams.
  • Electrical leak detection test for covered or uncovered liner Surface